Triax Industries LLC
6519 W. Allison Rd Chandler AZ

Markets Served

Markets Served

Triax products are sold world wide to a multitude of customers in the Power Generation, Oil and Gas, and Aerospace Industries. Our customers come to Triax based on our reputation to provide high quality, highly engineered products made to the demanding prints and specifications of our customers. Triax offers over 100 years of engineering experience to support our customers from print design to finished castings.

Additionally, Triax specializes in the manufacture of Frame 5 hot gas path components for the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul market. Triax owned casting and machining tooling has been manufacturing replacement parts in Frame 5 turbines for the past decade. Our integrated facilities allow for the delivery of Frame 5 components in the engine ready stage that our customers request, from final coated, machined castings with hardware ready to install in your turbine to stocked castings ready for your machining operations.

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