Triax Industries LLC
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Finished Components

Triax Value Proposition

One unified solution to manage the entire program from engineering, tooling design, investment casting, and precision machining, to a finished component. Triax can offer this "One Stop Shop" via synchronized supply chain, scheduling, design, production and administration.

Our program management starts with design and is managed through to engine ready components delivered to customer print, model, specification and purchase order requirements.

Triax is able to reduce lead times while ensuring rigorous quality standards are upheld and met while providing one single communication line for the entire suite of operations required by a specific program.

Triax Offers

Independent domestic foundry for turbine engine blades and vanes with over 100 years of combined turbine engine experience in our engineering departments.

Our people, processes and equipment for Single Crystal and Directionally Solidified investment castings are in place to provide unparalleled customer experience, innovative engineering, operational superiority, reliable on-time delivery and responsive customer service.

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