Triax Industries LLC
6519 W. Allison Rd Chandler AZ

Equipment & Capabilities

  • Wax Injection, Inspection and Assembly
  • Shelling Operations
  • Foundry and Casting Operations
  • Thermal Processing
  • Chemical/Etchant Operations
  • NDT Operations
  • 55-ton MPI Wax Injection Press

  • 15 - ton CTD Wax Injection Press

  • Wax Engraving providing wax - ship casting trace-ability

  • Automated shell manufacturing 5 Axis 300 lb capacity ABB robot and controls providing consistently programmed slurry/stucco shelling sequence with customized DS/SC and Equiax shelling processes. Shelling room is equipped with a 3 area temperature and humidity controlled environment controlling drying times and shell integrity.

  • TLeeds and Bradford Dewax Boilerclave

  • 250 lb capacity EQ Vacuum Induction Casting Furnace

  • 250 lb capacity DS/SC Vacuum Induction Casting Furnace

  • (2) Casting Preheat - Burnout Furnaces

  • (2) In house Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces for processing temperatures up to 2300F

  • TOpen Kettle KOH core removal system

  • Ferric Chloride Etching for Grain Structure

  • Anodic Etchant for DS/SC Grain Inspection

  • Proto Laue Inspection of Single Crystal Grain Structure

  • Fully equipped Fluorescent Penetrant (FPI) inspection, Type 1 Method A Sensitivity Level 3

  • 450KV Film Radiography (X-ray) inspection

  • Flow Systems Air Flow Bench (Hollow Component Flow testing)

  • (2) Brown and Sharpe CMMs for dimensional development and inspection

Our Equipment & Capabilities

Fast, Precision Machining and Industry ready

Triax Industries provides advanced World-class leader of Directionally Solidified, Single Crystal and Equiax castings

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