Company Overview

Triax Industries, LLC, originally established in 2000, is a US based precision investment casting and machining provider. In late 2020, the business became a wholly-owned subsidiary of INDO-MIM Pvt Ltd., a world leading metal injection molding and specialty metals manufacturer.  Triax extends its parent capabilities to precision vacuum investment castings while joining a corporation intensely focused on investing in improved capabilities and capacity of its primary manufacturing processes.

INDO MIM brings a new level of management and support to the business including a broadened market view, significant human and capital resources, and a truly long term growth strategy. Together, we will support our customers, old and new, with high quality, customer-oriented, vacuum cast products and services.

As a smaller entity, Triax prides itself on its flexibility and capability in such a complex manufacturing space.   Through dedication and consistency, Triax has become a leader for vacuum cast turbine engine components. Triax is dedicated to providing an unparalleled customer experience by delivering innovative engineering, operational superiority, excellence in quality, and reliable on-time delivery to the Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine Industries.

Triax Castings - a state-of-the-art vacuum investment casting foundry in Chandler, AZ specializing in Directionally Solidified (DS), Single Crystal (SC) and Equiax casting capabilities.

Triax Machining - precision milling, high-speed grinding operations in Tempe, AZ utilizing 5 axis grinding, EDM (sinker & wire), and 4 axis milling.

Finished Components - Extensive experience with "airfoil" shapes specializing in blades, vanes, and shrouds for turbine hot sections. Components can be supplied in various conditions ranging from casting only to engine ready.

Certifications: ISO9001:2015/AS9100 REV. D