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World-class leader of Directionally Solidified, Single Crystal and Equiax castings 

Triax Industries, Chandler AZ

Triax Industries offers Single Crystal, Directionally Solidified and Equiax vacuum castings of cobalt and nickel based materials primarily used in turbine hot sections. We offer OEM Product Quality with adaptable order quantities to supply the relatively low volume needs of our OEM and aftermarket customers.

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Triax Industries, Machining, Casting, Turbines

Triax Castings, a state-of-the-art investment casting foundry providing Directionally Solidified, Single Crystal & Equiax Castings.

Turbine Component,Investment Casting,Engineering

Casting Division, Chandler AZ

Our staff with 100+ years of experience in investment casting of turbine airfoils ensures on-time deliveries of high quality, precision castings.

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Triax Machining, precision quality & high-speed grinding operations located in Tempe, AZ.

Machining Divsion, Tempe AZ

Triax offers a complete suite of solutions starting with engineering, investment casting, precision machining, to a finished component for the Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine industries.

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Precision Machining,Grinding,Engineering,milling

Finished Components supplied utilizing extensive experience with "airfoil" shapes for specialized blades & vanes manufactured for turbine hot sections.



When you have the need for high temperature cobalt or nickel based castings we want to be considered a strong, viable partner to manufacture your cast or machined components.

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